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Casinos now these things you cannot say about everybody on the internet and why I am Telling You that is not so easy to find something which is powerful. You see in the first step to know something you need to invest time on the Internet. There is not so many people who have invested years in knowing something from time to time. Even I, which I know very much things.

I buy stop trainings seminars, something which can help me in my own life, but what I see is there is a difference between what I have from somebody and what I earn from somebody else. So to understand what I mean is that there is people who really have something to teach in you, because they have invested years in knowing something, and there are people who doesn’t have this knowledge.

There are software’s which you can find on thirty dollars, they giving you on $ 50 or $ 100, and they pretend there are the owners of that software. So, first, when you study something on the internet – and you want to buy something – you need to educate yourself about that team, don’t go and buy quickly, something without knowing what you are buying now, the first step. What you see is that to the people doesn’t talk very much, so this is the first idea in which you can understand that somebody doesn’t have something to give it to you, because it doesn’t showing you some knowledge so by the first step, if you want to Buy something on the internet study that person watch them what they give it to you, because and master eyes.

A master at person will give you something for free. Now, in my case, you can write. You can watch more than 500 video tutorials on YouTube. So imagine how many, how much knowledge are giving you for free?

This is because I really have something to give it to you. Imagine what I have when you buy. The DVD 5000 euro, which is totally powerful, is the most powerful DVD you have ever studied, and I can guarantee you that you will never study something more powerful that this DVD. So the reason why I giving you this knowledge for free on YouTube is because I have tons of knowledge. I am really a master from 11 years now I have more than 16 years, which I know left so I’m very, very good in this niche.

But if you go online there are many people on the internet who tells well. I have a secret, you can buy this software, you can buy the strategy and that’s it now that kind of people doesn’t have knowledge. So when you see somebody that you see a video and tutorial with 1 million views, for example, but they don’t give you the nothing, they tell you only, they have a casino strategy, that’s it you can be drew left and you buy that strategy. You will see that it’s not powerful, and this is because they don’t have the knowledge. So, in the first step, when you study something you need to study from masters now, a master is not the same with a newbie, an avatar.

Somebody who copy a software from somebody else and giving to you as his own product doesn’t have nothing to to help. You it doesn’t have the knowledge to helping you so, first of all, you need to see the right person from which to buy. Now, if you search for me on the Internet, you see that is not easy to find me.

I’M absolutely convinced that if you have studied and you search on the internet from best roulette system best roulette strategy, I am NOT the first one who appears so. You will see that there are many other people who are in the front and only after you search deeply, you find me. Why do you think is like that? Well, let me explain you why? Because it’s very simple all the rubbish stuff come in the first page. All rubbish stuff, the powerful, the most powerful stuff is very hard to find that this is something which you need to understand that, because it’s very easily once you open your eyes sort of rubbish, the stuff which are unless it’s on the front page just watch the Videos on the front page just check roulette system, for example right right now, roulette system on YouTube and you will see the first page.

You will see all rubbish stuff. You will not find something powerful, but if you go to the fourth page fifth page tenth page, you will search and you will find something different now. This is what you need to search the knowledge who are not so viewed about people where the people see many people see some knowledge that decreases in value. So for you to have something powerful, you must to search something which is not viewed by many. This is why my views on YouTube are 180 views. 200 views per video.

I don’t have many who watch me, but this is the powerful stuff, because nobody knows about me. So this is something which is very powerful for you to understand that if only a few group of people knows me, this is why we make money, because only a group of people knows me if everybody on the internet have access to my knowledge, the casinos will Change their strategy will change their mechanism or even they would close roulette from their casinos. So this is why we need to understand that you need to be in that group, the leader group, which is powerful because, like here in every niche in the world, only a group of people makes money.

Just look the billionaires around the world. There are 2300 billionaires in the world, we are almost 8 billion people and only two thousand and three hundred billionaires exist in the world. Just imagine because only a few people have to touch the heart of the human money. Why do you think only a group of people have this power because knowledge is only for the group of people, so for you to become successful in something you must go with the most powerful stuff and the most powerful stuff you will not find publicly. You will not find in the first page, because only a group of people have access to a powerful knowledge.

Why is that? Because it’s stupidity now people likes to stay in stupidity. Now I know from my real life, because even today, after 11 years of being the master at Roulette, when I talk with somebody about roulette, they have their own ideas. Well, you cannot be true laughs if you have Mita drew let’s everybody have beated roulette, but you cannot be true, let little because you know all always win this stupidity, because the people likes to stay in stupidity. All right. People doesn’t have the knowledge just think about how many winners do you know around you, let’s take something else, how many rich people you know around you just think about how many people you knows in your area, which is rich now.

The first step is that you will see that there are only few people who are rich all cause. All the people are poor. So when you think and realize this stuff, you will realize that the people have something wrong, not the tiniest people who are rich because everybody are poor because they want to be poor. They don’t have access to knowledge.

They don’t like something to change. If you ask to somebody, let’s open the business, they will say it’s too earlier to to open a business. It’S too late to open a business.

If you will work in this business it will work even for somebody else. So if somebody else didn’t open this business, it will not work. So always the poor people have an excuses. This is why all the people are poor because they like to stay in that level of poorness. This is why you don’t encounter rich people in your life. This is why you have only the chance right now, because you can see me because I transmit my information via a webcam but outside in in the public, with people I’m not talking about this stuff, because nobody is open to understand what I mean.

People are poor even in mind and are poor even physically. So when you see a group of people that are rich and only a group of people they have, the money is because they have a knowledge. They have a powerful knowledge which is not excessive by the public. This is why only a few group of people have money because they have access. Even if you talk about politicians, so you may talk about politicians or a politician have money.

Well, they have knowledge because they have access to some businesses, which you don’t have you understand what I mean. So politics shall have money because have access to a powerful businesses which you are not welcome there because you are a citizen, so you don’t have the access to work in these businesses. Only a group of people work in that kind of businesses.

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