$500,00.00 Bad beat jackpot in Arizona

Poker’s favorite game of recent, Texas Holdem, has not only become a hit on the television screen. This game is as hot as ever online and people of all ages are cashing in. Jordan Berkowitz, a highly successful online poker player at the age of 17, placed 7th among 843 players in the 2004 World Championship of Online Poker. Chris Moneymaker, a 29-year-old former accountant and online poker player, won the 2003 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas with a jackpot worth $2.5 million. The money is out there and you don’t even have to have a “poker face”.

People like to gamble at these sites because they’re great places to learn the game. However, before playing online it is suggested that poker player is familiar with how to play, the hierarchy of hand rankings, and a few playing tips to give you better grounding.

Starting on October 3rd Casino Arizona will be running a “Till It Hits” SUPER Bad Beat Jackpot that is worth Half a Million Dollars. This will be the biggest bad beat jackpot ever payed out in a poker room in Arizona and possibly the world!(excluding online poker rooms)

The super jackpot can be hit between 2 am and 5 pm, 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) and will continue until it is hit.

The qualifying hands to trigger the jackpot are as follows…

All currently spread jackpot games are eligible. Limits include any game up to and including 10/20 and 5-150 spread limit.

Four Jacks (using a pocket pair) or better (using both hole cards) is beaten (using both hole cards).

The player with the losing hand will receive 50%- $250,000.00 The poker player with the winning hand will receive 25%- $125,000.00

The remaining players who received a hand of the winning game will split the remaining 25%. Players share in a full 9 handed game will be $17,857.14

This can all be verified by calling the casino.

We are looking for random or not so random photos taken with cell phones or digital cameras inside poker rooms or of anything poker related. To players at Casino Arizona…if you can get shots of the jackpot table, send them to us, we would love to give you credit for taking the best shot !

Please include any comments you would like included with the picture to the same address.